Q.  Where can I buy the products for Karyn’s Detox Cleanse?  A.  You can come to Karyn’s Fresh Corner at 1901 N. Halsted, Chicago, 60614, or you can buy all the products recommended in Karyn’s cleanse on our website at

Q.  What can I do and can't do in Karyn's detox program while breastfeeding?  A.  We do not recommend participating in any sort of detox program if you are breastfeeding as toxins in your body are released directly into your breast milk. 

Q.  I forgot to take extra water with the detox clay cocktail.  Have I caused any damage?  A.  No you have not, however, from now on take plenty of water following the detox clay cocktail to help move things internally. 

Q.  Is it okay to use stevia while detox?  A.  Stevia is fine to continue while detoxing. It is a natural sweetener.  

Q.  Which components of the detox are okay to do while pregnant?  A.  Although we discourage those who are pregnant to detox, you can still use the following detox products: Green Living Fiber, Vitamin C, Karyn's Green Meal, Coconut Oil, Flax Oil, Herbal Aloe Force (but please use minimally), Soy Lecithin Granules, Organic Kamut, Spirulina, Dietary Enzymes, however, DO NOT do fenugreek.  

I’m in day 2 of the juice fast.  My diet has been 95% raw for the past 7 months.  For the past two months, I’ve had black circles under my eyes and redness around the sides of my eyes.  Any idea why?  A.  I am in no position to diagnose, although that said, it is my understanding that dark circles indicate that adrenals or kidneys are stressed.  I wonder if you are drinking enough liquids for your kidneys?   I would also check your stress levels?  I would suggest meditating through your fast and doing breath work.  Also, I would personally add digestive enzymes to my protocol while juicing, as well as adding Rejuvelac, which is a product we sell but you can also make by watching our youtube.

Q.  I am interested in doing your 4 week detox program.  Do you deliver your DVD to Australia?  A.  Yes, we can ship Karyn’s 4 week Detox DVD across the world.  It is available for sale on our website at  You can also take the class through Karyn’s book Soak Your Nuts.  Also, we can ship non-refrigerated products world-wide.


Q.  When is the next detox class scheduled?  Where will it be?  How much does it cost?  A.  The dates for the detox can be located at  All detox classes are held at Karyn’s Inner Beauty Center at 1901 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614.  The cost of the class is $250 for new students but if you register at least a week early, you will receive a $50 discount so tuition will be $200. Cost for alumni is always $125.

Q.  I am currently in your detox program and stared fasting today.  Just wanted to confirm what I can take during the fast.  Green Living Fiber, Ultra Flora, Systemic Enzymes, Chlorella, and Spirulina instead of wheatgrass?  I already have the Spirulina. Do I need to get the E3-Alive? And enemas every day, right?  
A.  Yes, you can do all of those.  You do not need to use E3Alive if you are doing Karyn’s Algae Alive and you can make your own Algae Alive with the Spirulina.  You must do a colonic or enema and implant every day you fast. 


Q.  I took your detox program many years ago and was very successful.  I am 50 years old and dealing with estrogen dominance.  I’ve had surgeries and fibroids  removed with a sensitivity in my gut.  Although I do well on a veggie diet, I never seem to lose weight.  I could afford to lose 10-15 lbs.  Do you think I should participate in your detox?  A.  If you did the detox 10 years ago, you are certainly due again. I detox a minimum of 4 times a year. In terms of cramps, people generally experience discomfort in the process on their way to getting better. 



Q.   Is Karyn's Green Meal powder gluten free?   A.  Karyn's Green Meal powder is not gluten free. It has sprouted grains in it. Karyn's teacher, Dr. Wigmore, taught that when grains are sprouted they do not usually produce the gluten protein that people have a sensitivity to so many gluten intolerant people will be able to use the green meal and other sprouted grain products, such as Rejuvelac. However, this is something that needs to be tested on an individual basis and discussed with a doctor if there is any concern.  Our Hemp Protein Booster in gluten free.  


Q.   I want to transition my diet to vegan.  How can I eat healthier at home?   A. Our Karyn's At Home program provides 5 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert of heat-sealed food to ensure freshness.  Raw, Cooked, and Gluten-Free meals options are available.  Orders are taken by Thursdays at 12 p.m. CST. and can be picked up on Sundays between 12-10 p.m. at 1901 N. Halsted.  The menu changes on a weekly basis.  Find the full menu, pricing, and ordering information at

Q.   Will Karyn's Alkaline Water remain alkaline out of the refrigerator?  A. We suggest keeping alkaline water refrigerated, however, Karyn has personally left her alkaline water out for 2 days and when she tested it with pH strips and it was still alkaline.  Karyn would not recommend keeping the water unrefrigerated for longer than 2 days because the pH balance might change.  

Q.  Why can’t I just drink chlorophyll after a colonic instead of doing the implant?  A.  If you drink the chlorophyll as opposed to using it as an implant after an enema or colonic, it does not go to the body as intently, but it wouldn’t hurt as well.  Please notes that lots of doctors do medications rectally.

Q.  I’m interested in Karyn’s Systemic Enzymes. Approximately what is the recommended daily dose?  A.  You can take 3 capsules on an empty stomach once or twice daily. This is just the recommended dose though.  You can take them more often if you’d like, however, it is very important that you take them on an empty stomach so you bypass the digestive system. 

Q.  What is the name of the shampoo that will make your hair grow faster and fuller?  A.  Morocco Method shampoo.  We sell it at Karyn’s Fresh Corner and online at

Q.  My dog has a small tumor that the vet says needs to be removed. I’ve already begun making him homemade meals because I remember you saying you cook for your dog. Are there any home remedies to help cure my dog without invasive surgery?  A.  Although I am not a veterinarian, I would start to give your dog chlorella and enzymes.  If you are in Chicago, I would come in and use the Rife machine.  The machine has been very successful on sick animals and humans and we can get your dog on the right program. You can also check out the book “Culinary Canine”.  I was a contributing author and you can see the raw meals that my dog Mitch eats.  


Q.  Do you know anywhere in Chicago I can buy fermented vegetables?  Our doctor recommended fermented food for my autistic nephew.  A.  Rejuvelac would be very beneficial, it is a sprouted fermented wheatberry drink that is a good probiotic for your system.  We also do a homemade sauerkraut and sour cream.  We also sell several brands of live fermented food including Rejuvenative Foods and Gold Mine. 


Q.  How do you stay warm during winter season while maintaining a 100% raw diet?  A.  I add ginger and cayenne to my foods which adds heat to the body.  I also leave foods out at room temperature and you can actually warm food in a dehydrator to 115 degrees. You can also add cayenne to your socks which will warm the whole body.


Q.  Do you recommend a doctor who operates in both worlds? I am look for a vegan-friendly doctor.  A.  I strongly recommend Dr. Lorene Wu who is in LaGrange and Dr. Carlos Reynes in River Forest.


Q.  I’ve had chronic redness in my eyes.  I saw a doctor and he performed tests and x-rays and concluded that it was just dryness and no infection.  It still hasn’t cleared up.  Do you think that it is a deficiency or something? Any foods I should be eating to clear this up?  A.  I would detox your body and remain on a raw foods diet. Often red eyes is a sign of liver or kidney chi problems.  Also, I would take lots of digestive enzymes.

Q.  Where can I find Rejuvelac?  A.  We are the only place in the country that produces and sells Rejuvelac.  We are located at 1901 N. Halsted Street in Chicago.  We do sell the sprouted wheat berries and you can follow directions to make it on your own at our YouTube channel “KarynRaw”.

Q.  I’m looking into trying Karyn’s Green Meal or Green Kamut products.  I believe both are detox products, but can you please tell me what the differences are between the two?  A.  The Green Meal Powder and the Kamut are actually very different.  The Green Meal powder has a large number of ingredients that will give you a high number of greens, it can be used to make your Green Meal Shake.  The Green Meal Shake is a delicious smoothie that you can make and have as your breakfast each morning.  It is very satisfying and will curb your hunger until early afternoon. It is also a great meal for anytime of day.  Kamut is a powdered wheatgrass.  It is chlorophyll and does help to make the body more alkaline and aid in detoxing.  Both products help detox the body, just in different ways. 

Q.  I’ve been vegan for 3 years and completed your detox program.  I still have problems with regular bowel movements.  I’ve had several colonics and enemas but I would like my body to go on my own.  A.  I would recommend drinking aloe vera juice daily and incorporating Karyn’s Green Living Fiber into your diet as well.  Follow the directions on the bottle.