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Karyn's Fresh Corner Cafe Menu

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Morning Lift Off  $7.99
Apples, Kale

Sun Salutation $6.99
Carrot Juice & choice of vegetable

Blood  $7.99
Apple, beet, lemon, ginger

Summer Cooler  $6.99
Carrot, apple, lemon

Bird of Paradise  $6.99
Carrot, beet, ginger

The Peaceful Warrior  $8.99
Carrot, kale, cucumber, spinach, celery

All Green Juice $11.99
Celery, Kale, Spinach, cucumbers

By the Shot/ 1 oz.

Wheatgrass $2.00
E3 Live $2.00
Goji Juice $2.25
Aloe Juice $2.25

Shakes and Smoothies

Green Meal Shake $8.99
Green Meal, Apple Juice, Rejuvelac, Banana, Flax Oil, Lecithin

Liquid Light Meal  $7.99
Green Meal, Coconut Water, Flax Oil

That Old Magic  $7.99
Green Meal, Apple Juice, Nut Milk, Frozen Banana

That Old Black Magic  $9.99
Green Meal, Apple Juice, E3 Live, Banana

The Protein Buddha  $7.99
Coconut water, apple, lemon, tahini, honey

Smooth Move  $8.99
Coconut Water, nutmilk, banana, flaxseed, vanilla
add spirulina $1.00

Green Dream  $9.99
Coconut water and meat, spirulina, kamut, green meal

Really Rare and raw  $8.99
Nutmilk, dates, banana, vanilla

Decadent Chocolate Shake  $10.99
nutmilk, avocado, dates, carob syrup, goji berries, cacao nibs, cashews, macadamias, agave, salt.

Raw Cacao Superfood Smoothie  $10.99
Nut milk, raw cacao powder, coconut butter, spirulina, maca

Or customize your own smoothie!

Step 1: Choose a liquid base
Nut Milk   $7.00
Coconut Water   $5.00
Organic Apple Juice  $5.00
Rejuvelac  $4.00

Step 2: Choose a fruit

Step 3: Choose a supplement ($1.50 each)
Flax Oil
Flax Seed
Green Meal
Hemp Protein
Additional Fruit

Half Sandwich $5.99 Full Sandwich $10.00  

Tuna Sandwich Almond not-tuna with onion and celery on dehydrated barley white bread

Beet-infused eggplant, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, raw mustard or mayo on dehydrated barley white bread

Egg-Salad Sandwich
Coconut meat, onion, celery, pinenuts, shredded carrots, spices, mayo on dehydrated barley white bread

Square of Joy
Rye Bread, walnuts, cucumbers, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, guacamole, mustard or mayo

Nut Butter and Jelly
Almond butter and our raw strawberry jam, thin slices of banana, and caramel sauce on dehydrated barley white bread

Raw Salad Bar $8.99 a pound or $13.99 all you can eat.  
Warm Raw Soup available daily Cup $8.99 Bowl $14.99

Selection changes regularly   Available 9:00am – 10:00pm.


Ravioli $13.99
Lasagna $12.99
Bean Burro $9.99
California Roll $8.99
Deep DIsh Pizza $12.99
Nut Loaf $12.99
Samosas $13.99
Kale Salad $11.99
Crave Buster Salad $12.99


Hummus $5.49
Cheddar Cheese $12.99
Beet Seed Cheese $6.99
Herb Seed Cheese $7.99
Cashew Sour Cream $6.99
Basil Cheese $14.99
 Mexican Cheese $9.99
Pimento Cheese $10.99
Sauerkraut $9.50
Tuna Salad $7.99
Egg Salad $12.99


Oatmeal $4.99
Sunflower Sprouts $5.99
Cut Wheatgrass
'White' Bread
'Brown' Bread
Protein booster
Wheatberry Sprouts

Dehydrated Snacks

Onion Crisps
Harvest Crisps
Kale Chips

Energy Soup $4.99 for 12 oz

A delicious soup, made from avocado, rejuvelac, spinach and apples, served cold.


Raw Raspberry Cheesecake.JPG
oat cake.jpg
Raw Blueberry Cheesecake.JPG


The availability of the cakes listed below is subject to change.
Carob Oat Cake
Carob Square Carob
Mint Cake Carob
Pecan Cake
Yin Yang Cake
Coconut Cake
Strawberry Cake
Carrot Cake
Lemon Squares
Cheesecakes Muffins

Karyn's Skinny Cream

Ice Cream.jpeg

Blueberry $3.00 Scoop $9.50 pint
Mango $3.00 Scoop $9.50 pint
Peach $3.00 Scoop $9.50 pint
Vanilla $2.50 Scoop $9.50 pint
Strawberry $3.00 Scoop $9.50 pint
Hemp $5.00 scoop $17.00 pint
Banana Split $9.00

add $1.00 for each scoop of hemp ice cream