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738 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL

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Jerry's Pizza  $10.00
Created for her husband who 'eats in both worlds' paper-thin crust with vegan cheese, wild mushrooms, marinara sauce, fresh garlic and basil

Vegan Pizza  $10.00
Traditional vegan pizza on thin whole-wheat crust, homemade soy cheese, tasty marinara sauce, seitan and veggies

Hummus & PIta   $9.00
Creamy Mediterranean chickpea dip served with raw veggies and whole-wheat pita wedges

Guacamole    $9.00
Served with homemade corn chips, raw veggies, pico de gallo, soy cheese & chipotle sauce (GF)

Buffalo Wings  $9.00
Chicken soy meat dusted in whole wheat flour. Seasoned with paprika, garlic and onion. Served with garlic and barbeque sauces

Thai Skewers    $4.00
Grilled tofu/seitan meat with choice of peanut or barbecue sauce

Bruschetta   $4.00
Multi-grain bread with tomatoes, basil, garlic

Salads- served with our home made dressing

House Salad    $7.00
Fresh mixed greens and herbs served with tomatoes, olives carrots and cucumber (GF)
with hemp seed    add  $2.00

Ron's Salad    $9.00

Mixed greens with grilled tofu, avocado, carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, olives and hemp seeds. House Dressing.

Baby Spinach Salad   $9.00
Spinach leaves, green veggies & avocado (GF)

Chef's Salad     $10.00
Mixed greens with garden veggies & grilled tofu (GF)

Baskets/ Soups  (includes a side of cornbread)

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Chili   bowl  $6.00  cup  $3.00 (GF)

Hot Soup of the Day  bowl $6.00   cup  $3.00 (GF)

Potato Soup   bowl  $6.00  Cup $3.00 (GF)

Baskets (dusted and deep fried in olive oil) $6.00
Combo Basket (choice of 3)  8.00


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Slab of Ribs   $13.00
BBQ lovers- a grilled tofu/seitan meat substitution that will fool and delight you

Homestyle Meat Loaf  $12.00
Served with garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and shiitake mushroom gravy

Stuffed Eggplant  $12.00 (GF)
Thin grilled eggplant stuffed with a homemade faux ricotta cheese topped with marinara sauce

Grilled Polenta    $14.00 (GF)
Layered with wild porcini and shiitake mushrooms

Classic Lasagna $12.00
Homemade Classic with smoked spinach and tofu ricotta

Buddha Bowl  $11.00 (GF)
Brown rice with grilled veggies in teriyaki sauce

Raw Plate  $13.00 (GF)
Ask your server

Southern Comfort $11.00 (GF)
Beans, greens, rice and cornbread

Flautas  $13.00 (GF)
A tofu and carrot mix stuffed inside a corn tortilla and fried to perfection. Topped with a soy version of sour cream and a healthy scoop of homemade guacamole. Complimented with a bed of pico de gallo, mixed greens and refried black beans

Taco Salad Bowl  $12.00
Grilled seitan and onions tossed in a mix of lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole and soy cheese. piled high in a crispy whole wheat tortilla shell. Served with a side of jalapenos and chipotle sauce

Green Enchiladas  $12.00 (GF)
Corn tortillas stuffed with garlic mashed potatoes, smothered in a green tomatillo sauce and drizzled with soy cheese. Served with a side of spanish brown rice and refried black beans.

Poached Haddock  $14.00

Soy cod meat in a lemon garlic dill sauce. Served with broccoli and rice.

Hot Sandwiches & Wraps- includes potato wedges and coleslaw- $9.00

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Sloppy Jo 
Slow cooked soy protein on a toasted whole wheat bun with our own blend of special sauce

Steak (available on whole wheat roll or whole wheat tortilla)
Thinly sliced tofu/seitan steak grilled with onions and peppers, topped with romaine lettuce and chipotle sauce on a toasted, whole wheat bun

Jerk Tofu (available on whole wheat roll or tomato tortilla)
Spicy grilled tofu with a creamy garlic and jerk sauce topped with lettuce and tomato on a toasted whole wheat bun

Grilled Portobello
Mac-daddy of the mushroom-marinated and grilled to perfection with grilled onions, peppers, marinara and a creamy garlic sauce on a toasted, whole wheat bun

Spicy lentil meatball with our marinara sauce and soy cheese on a toasted whole wheat bun

Burger with Cheese  ($10.00)
Soy burger with all the toppings on a toasted whole wheat bun

Mushrooms, avocados or grilled onions add .75

Grilled Veggies (available on whole wheat roll or spinach tortilla)
Grilled mushrooms, romaine lettuce, onions, peppers, zucchini, and eggplant served with basil sauce and marinara, on toasted, whole wheat garlic bread

Spicy ground garbanzo beans nestled in a warm pita topped with cucumbers and tahini sauce


Spicy ground soy protein with chipotle sauce, fresh pico de gallo and lettuce wrapped in a tomato tortilla

Tofu/seitan steak on Rye bread with sauerkraut and dill dressing.

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Southern Greens  $4.00 (GF)
Garlic Bread  $2.00
Broccoli  $3.00 (GF)
Garlic Pita  $2.00
Cole Slaw  $3.00 (GF)
Corn Bread  $2.00
Enzymes  $4.00 (GF)
Mac & Cheese  $4.00 (GF)
Avocado  $2.00 (GF)
Potato Wedges  $4.00 (GF)

Beans and Rice  $4.00 (GF)

Tortilla Chips  $1.00
Combo (any three of above)  $8.00


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Cakes  $7.00
Double Carob, Coconut, Banana, Carrot, Tiramisu
ask your server for our newest selections

Pies  $6.00
Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Silk, Pecan

Cheese Cake  $6.00

Cookies $2.50

Brownie (peanut butter or plain) $5.50

Bread Pudding $4.00

Snowballs  $4.50 (GF)

Raw Desserts $6.50 (GF)
assorted (ask your server for current selection)

Soy Ice Cream   scoop $3.00

(GF) denotes gluten free item or items that can be made gluten free